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Complete Website Hosting and Emails
Bronze or Silver plan website hosting and email service is included in all our complete website packages for the first year. If you only need website hosting from us our plans are listed below.

Why choose us?
Simply put, with us you are a valued client, we'll work hard to gain and keep your trust. You'll have one hour of free yearly phone support afterwe initially get your website set up and running. Plus your website is hosted on servers run by professionals we know on a first name basis, not an unknown internet company with only email support.

In depth website statistics that are easy to view. We'll take you step by step through the easy process of how to check your website statistics. Within these statistics you'll be able to track over 15 vital areas by the month and the year at the click of mouse.


Bronze Plan
A perfect website hosting plan for a
website with up to 1500 visitors
per month.

200MB webspace
500MB mo. transfer
Pro Website Statistics

Silver Plan
The best website hosting choice for a
website with up to 5000 visitors per month.

500MB webspace
1GB mo. transfer
Pro Website Statistics

Gold Plan
Our largest plan has the bandwith and storage you need for video transfer and thousands of visitors.

18+ - EMAILS
1GB webspace
2GB mo. transfer
Pro Website Statistics