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Search Engine Optimization
Organic and Pay Per Click (PPC) Results

Organic or natural search engine results are the free listings your website receives from search engine companies like Google or Yahoo!. These free listings can be maximized* through Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.), which is provided as a standard feature with ALL our website plans. Every website page includes the "behind the scenes" meta-tagging, which is the foundation of successful S.E.O.

We use time proven techniques mixed with our own research to create spider friendly pages. No questionable "black hat" tricks for instant gratification. The key to long term success is good copy writing, key word analysis, thorough tagging, a few great links and lots of patience. For new websites don't expect to see decent organic results for 6 months to a year.

The reality is top 10 "free" results for nationally sought after keywords will be tough nut to crack for smaller websites. The good news is that there are plenty of niche markets that you can get excellent results in. For example, the keyword string "traffic ticket lawyer" is walnut tough, "new orleans traffic ticket lawyer" is more like a penut shell. The website we design for you will be S.E.O. for the copy you provide us, for your areas of practice.

We can provide additional copywriting services and specific key word analysis for a custom S.E.O. plan.
Hourly rate of $75 for TixNix cutomers
An estimate will be sent once we have a better vision on your goals.

These are the the paid for search engine results that are above, below and to the right side of the organic listings on your favorite search engine. Google,Yahoo and MSN all have their own advertising programs.

This is a fast, effective and highly customizable way to quickly drive traffic to your website. Results are based on how much you are willing to bid for a keyword string. You are only charged when the targeted consumer clicks on your link and visits your website. Key word bids start at 15¢ and go up, sometimes way up!

Key word cost analysis and monthly budgeting need to be carefully developed before diving in to this arena. Please contact us here so we can further discuss PPC online advertsing with you.

*DISCLAIMER: This service does NOT guarantee high search engine placement for any particular keyword or search term, as there are too many variables which might affect your success, including, but not limited to: keyword popularity or generality, intense keyword competition, ever-changing search engine indexing algorithms, etc. However, this service is highly effective at increasing your chances of internet visitors finding your website using search terms relevant to your areas of practice.