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Website Training
We'll teach you how to update and add to your website

Our 2 day website training programs will teach you how to
update, maintain and expand your website.

Imagine having complete control over your website from your office's
computer. We're all into sharing so if you or staff members would like
to learn how to run your company's website we'll show you how. For
larger firms this can be a real money saver in the long run.

We use Dreamweaver 8 which you will need to purchase and install
before we get there. We'll gladly help you through this part over the phone.
It's also best to train at least 2 people in your office.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that those involved in the training want to learn
about website software. You're better off having us train your teenage son
or daughter who wants to learn about website's than an employee who
already feels they have to much to do.

Training costs are $995 for two 5 hour days, plus travel expenses. An
additional 2 hours of phone support is also included in the price.

More information will be provided after filling out our form. We look
forward to hearing from you.